The 3018 CNC is a great CNC machine for hobbyists.

First steps with the 3018 PRO CNC...

As a beginner CNC enthusiast, I purchased a 3018 PRO. Everything arrived neatly in a box, and assembling it properly was a bit of a task, but manageable. You can follow the included manual or watch one of the videos on YouTube, which might be the simplest way. The best videos I found were by James Dean. He has created a series of very useful videos about the 3018 PRO, and I highly recommend them. You can find the complete James Dean playlist for the 3018 PRO here!

Part 1, Unboxing:

Part 2, Assembly:

Part 3, Your First Project:

There are many more incredibly useful videos on YouTube, but this series is especially instructive for novice CNC enthusiasts! You can also find groups on Facebook where 3018 users help each other; an example of such a group can be found here.

The 3018 PRO is also expandable with a 5.5 or 10W laser unit. This way, you have both a CNC and a laser unit in one device.