If you have any questions about a laser or CNC device, your order or any other matter, we encourage you to contact us by email (or use the form on the right). We use a ticket system to ensure that the right employees are quickly informed and can answer your question. 

If you have general questions or would like to share experiences, you can also contact our Facebook group at this link.

Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Vianen, the Netherlands. We also maintain close collaborations with our suppliers. In cases where an item is not in stock in the Netherlands, it will be shipped from a European distribution center in Germany. You have the option to wait until it is back in stock or have it shipped directly from the European warehouse. This often leads to a significantly accelerated delivery procedure.

Other questions:
If you have any questions about the settings and operation of the device, we usually provide a link to an instructional video on YouTube or refer you to a relevant Facebook group. There is a large amount of information available online. We are committed to helping you when you need it. If you would prefer to be called back, please do not forget to include your telephone number in the message.

It is important to note that CNC machines, especially laser machines, can pose certain risks if not used according to proper guidelines. We therefore advise everyone to carefully read and follow the supplied instructions for use. When using a laser device, wear protective laser goggles! Taking these precautions will help you get the most out of your CNC or laser machine.