Laser safety

Important: Laser Safety

Take safety regulations seriously

The use of hobby laser devices is becoming increasingly popular and their sales are growing every year. You can make beautiful things with them, such as engraving and cutting materials. The devices are getting cheaper and cheaper and there are many brands available. Most devices come from China, both diode and CO2 lasers. There is a lot of information available on the internet about the difference between these two groups of laser devices.

However, as with working with tools, there are dangers in not using a laser device properly. For example, tabletop models are sold and advertised to be used simply in the living room or hobby room. This is absolutely inadvisable. Below, I will briefly explain why:

  • Fire hazard: The laser beam may ignite flammable materials, such as paper, wood or plastic, if the laser power is too high or the material is too close to the laser beam. It is recommended to keep a fire extinguisher nearby and never leave the laser unattended while it is in operation.
  • Toxic fumes: Another hazard is the toxic fumes produced when the laser beam interacts with certain materials, such as plastics, metals and wood. These fumes can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, mouth and skin and can cause long-term health problems if inhaled over a prolonged period. Many materials contain glue and/or other substances, plastics such as plastics and plexiglass also emit toxic fumes.
  • Eye damage: A laser beam can cause eye damage if the device is not used properly. The most dangerous laser radiation is generated by a blue or green diode laser. Diode laser light at 532 nm is not blocked by transparent materials such as the lens of the eye, but passes through it until it reaches the retina. The retina absorbs the energy of the laser light and is damaged beyond repair.

It is important to take proper safety precautions when using a laser cutter. Some of the hazards include fires, burning of hazardous objects, burns and fumes. It is strongly recommended to always wear safety goggles and ensure that the laser is used in at least a well-ventilated area and in a housing or cover with smoke exhaust. Never just use the laser in the house without this protection. If you observe these safety measures, you can safely enjoy the capabilities of a laser device.